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Many people are choosing New Zealand as a vacation spot and tourism is booming. The scenery is beautiful and varied with sandy beaches, mountains, fjords and forests. Specialist holiday companies are doing well too and there are several that offer fishing in New Zealand trips. The islands have abundant clear rivers and streams and coastal game is popular too.  


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Fly fishing trips to the North Island are an opportunity to see remote areas, some of which can only be accessed by helicopter, 4WD vehicles or by walking. Raft fishing is available too. One of the most famous areas is Taupo, renowned for its stock of rainbow and brown trout. Guided trips include all equipment, food and transport and guests can choose from staying in simple backcountry huts, cozy bed and breakfasts or luxury lodges.

Hawkes Bay on the eastern coast of North Island is particularly favored for catching brown and rainbow trout. In addition to fly fishing, the area is also attractive to wine lovers. New Zealand has become an internationally successful exporter of wines and there are many vineyards in the Hawkes Bay area. Organized wine tours are available here and many people combine fishing in New Zealand with visiting the local vineyards and sampling the produce.

South Island also contains remote wilderness regions and promises exciting fishing in New Zealand experiences. The Nelson Lakes National Park is one of the best destinations for catching brown trout and there is rainbow trout too. The average weight of trout found in these parts is 4 - 6 pounds. Vacation companies can arrange helicopter and fixed wing fly outs to the more remote spots


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Many kinds of fishing can be accommodated on these islands and fishing in New Zealand includes organized diving trips for those interested in spearfishing. A charter boat with expert skipper will take people out to the best diving locations. One such place is the Mokohinau Islands, where there is a population of Kingfish, Pink Maomao, Giant Boarfish and Snapper. Other favorite spearfishing spots include the Hen and Chicken Islands and the Poor Knights Island. The exciting sport of catching Marlin is also part of fishing in New Zealand and this can be done at 3 Kings Islands, where stocks are high. 


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The islands offer a wonderful mixture of terrific scenery and some of the best fishing in the world, particularly for trout. Other fish in abundance includes salmon and broadbill. Whether it's salt water or freshwater fishing that appeals, fishing in New Zealand promises a great time.



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